Friday, June 17, 2016

“It’s basically a double homicide,” I told Doc as we left the theater, “with four hitchhikers.” I was talking about The Wizard of Oz, in case you hadn’t guessed already. Now, it may be because I have yet to attain the level of culture needed to appreciate the narrative’s deeper, more succulent subtext, but I had to retreat to my happy place repeatedly during the performance. We’re talking about, like, mentally drafting quarterly self-assessments for work while the Munchkin Mayor went fucking crazy on stage.

But you didn’t come here for amateur Broadway critiques, and if you did, then something went horribly wrong with your Googles. I suppose when a website shambles back from the dead, with no assurances that it will sustain its newfound life for any appreciable amount of time, griping about Oz is as good a way to start as any other.

Prior to the griping, of course, was a brief moment of exultation when I typed the correct username into WordPress. Then, there was that old, familiar mix of thrill and despair upon seeing the blank page. Now that page is filled, and here we are.

I am here because I must write. For whom is clearly a moot point, because I have a fairly accurate guess of how many visitors still frequent this site, after more than a year of silence. I am here because of the toll this silence exacts: average proofreading speed, shrinking word choice, the same goddamned boring sentence structures, and above all, a keen sense of all of this deterioration happening. Well, I need to reverse course, so welcome! Welcome back to the house of cobweb and words.

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